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How to make a skunk GO AWAY.

We've got one around here (hopefully it's only one) that has caused us to have to close the windows at night FAR too many times in the past weeks because it clearly has a sensitive trigger and a VERY bad habit of letting loose... I don't know if it keeps doing it between the houses or what, but it's clearly very close. Time and again. (Do they mark territory by spraying??)

It would be bad enough if it was just that kinda gross icky smell, but this little son of a gun is like a frigging tire fire. And once it drifts into the windows - even though my window (next to my bed! thanks skunk!) was only open an inch or two the last time! - it just hangs in the air and won't go away. This last time I had to use the air fresher three times and it still wasn't 100%.

Not sure what to do short of trying to trap the damn thing. This is getting really old.

5/21 - Ebay sellers who try to tell you what feedback to leave...

Thanks so much for your quick payment,we'll ship your order out asap,hope you'll receive it very soon.when you get and like it,pls help us to leave Five-Stars-Postive feedback(Pls Don't Below Four-Stars-DSR,It is equivalent to bad review).
Meanwhile that was last Tuesday that I bought and paid and the tracking today still shows to be "pre-shipping." Buddy, you'll be getting whatever rating is appropriate. (Another item bought the same day via someone else already arrived today and got to a local facility Sat.)

At 'only' 97.9% positive feedback they're probably eager to get that percentage up, but somehow I don't think telling people how to rate is the way to do it. >.> Normally I wouldn't touch a seller that "low" or with the frequencies of negatives they've had in the past months, but they've literally all been over clothing sizes/quality (my item isn't clothing) and none about failure to get it.

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