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Bummed at having no choice but to end my unemployment benefits today, despite the fact that according to the girl on the phone, I'm still making about $65 less than my limit. Hurts because I'm not making all that much at the new job and that little extra helps.

But they had to pull this crap where I'd otherwise HAVE to attend some 3 hour workshop tomorrow, but because of work I'd never be able to make it. And not attending means you're "uncompliant" and will be prevented from collecting.

The girl on the phone suggested that if I was able to show them my schedule they they could let me skip it, but when and how am I supposed to do that? I couldn't ask them about this yesterday because of the holiday. I had to work today and could only call them at 8am when their office opened because I had to be at work by 9, and as predicted I didn't get home until just before 4pm... when their office closes. So I'm glad I chose to call this morning, but literally, when can I show anyone a schedule before that workshop? I could have never gotten over there in time before they closed; nor could I get over there tomorrow until after the workshop started...and by then I'm sure I'd be marked as a no-show. (I really didn't want to leave it until then or just not show up in fear of possibly screwing it up for myself in the future.)

There isn't even a regular solid schedule that I could show them. I have no access to print such a thing, I don't yet have the device nor would I even know yet how to find the hours listed in it yet... (IF it's even listed. My supervisor has my device, but not everything is working in it yet. And because of that I couldn't bring it home yet.) It's an unconventional "schedule" that gives you the allotted time you have for each location and which days you have to do them; the actual hours you decide to be there and get it done is up to you. (So there is no okay, I'm working 9 to 3 on Monday... rather, I need to service our product in Walmart on Monday and have an hour to get it done.) If the time was up to me I could probably tailor it to fit to be able to make it to this damn workshop, but I'm in training and therefor doing whatever hours my supervisor wants to be where and when. At best I have this written in a notebook so there is nothing official to show the unemployment insurance people that prob would ever be acceptable.

You would think a person could just get rescheduled and attend on another day, but I guess that isn't how it works... They sign you up for a specific day and that's it.

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