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So that's what police flash bombs sound like and what it's like to be woken up by them at 6am... Ugh.

Apparently they must be looking for someone and raided the problem house across the road. Seems that nobody was home however. The amount of cops that streamed out of there... good lord. Like a reenactment of ants flooding out of a colony.

Maybe we can get that woman over there, and the problem people she allows in and out of that place, booted out finally? (Yeah right.) My mom called up our former neighbors (who still own the place) afterward to let them know something is going on. No one had notified them... I mean the landlord at least deserves to know what's going on at their property, right? And at least be able to go check to see if there is any damage if the cops had to break down any doors or windows.

So they (the former neighbors) came over and the woman who lives there had shown up by then, after the cops had all left, so they had a nice yelling match, according to my mom who overheard. Good. Because this is absurd. It had been relatively quite over there for a while, and now this? They even brought the armored truck... Wtf. We don't need this going on here.

The police had apparently left a paper stating that they were there and who they were after. The former neighbors/landlords wanted to make a copy of it and would give it back to her but this woman decided to fight her (verbally) that "she needs that." (What part of "will give it back" does this idiot not get.) Hopefully we'll be updated later on the facts... I'm sure gossip about this is going to spread like wildfire, considering at 6am most people are still home.

I can only imagine that they may have been looking for one of the adult sons of this woman. It wasn't even the state or county cops that handle stuff around here, it was the police from the city. Of which we still share an address but these cops deal with the actual city, not the suburbs west of it like us.

So that was an exciting start to my nephew's 2nd birthday... Luckily I don't think the two loud bangs scared him much.
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