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Lots of weird dreams lately.

First one was having freddy krueger attached to me. yet, instead of attacking me every time I fell asleep, he used me to reach my sleeping friends and left me alone as everyone around me got axed. taunting me all the way at how helpless i was to do anything about it.

The other one, was a weird dystopian/dead earth. Pretty much the entire earth was dead and decaying. with only about 100 people left. Those people left, and resettled elsewhere. but, 20 years later, we had to return to earth in the same ship, and pick up supplies in a ghost planet. I remember that I visited some places I knew, like the beach, with a dried up ocean, and rotting rides. only to find a surprise. in some pockets, time had somehow split. and there where sections that showed a vibrant, future earth where some how things had been fixed, and humanity was starting a very slow comeback.
go figure.
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