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Originally Posted by ZariusTwo View Post
There's a theory I have that ties in to MJ's offer to Mephisto to put Peter's life "back the way it was", and that she would offer him something in return.

Now, in OMIT, MJ's offer boils down to "you will leave him alone" and Mephisto agreeing to that, saying this "did'nt happen", which is entirely Quesada's stupid attempt at making sure everything tied together without the marriage, and it's something that Alonzo has been ignoring since Mephisto hasn't been leaving Peter alone per the events of Spider-Man/Deadpool (and he even interfered in Flash's life during his stint as Venom).

The feeling I'm getting, judging from the clues left behind in "Power Play", is that the RYV Peter and MJ are in fact going to be revealed as the real ones, that right after they "vanished" at the end of OMD they were transported to a different reality and had their memories altered, but MJ was still pregnant with Annie so she still gave birth to her a few months later. MJ's offer to Mephisto was to put Peter's life back the way it was, which meant no Avenger membership, Spider-Man being an outsider again, a lot of other things.

The twist though is in RYV's world, Aunt May dies, and Peter is forced to go back on his no-kill code to defeat Venom, so there was a karmic twist to things. Peter and MJ's lives are only normal to a point, and then fate forces them to adjust to new dangers and status quoes.

616 Peter and MJ may eventually be revealed as constructs of Mephisto who only exist because they are mystically tethered to that "small part of their souls" that remember the original timeline in 616...but in reality, what if the RYV Parkers are the manifestation of that small portion? And that ultimately both halfs may have to be "merged" eventually?
In all honesty, I think I'd like the two versions to remain separate. I'm not sure a merging would work out well for marriage fans, I prefer the idea of RYV being its own iteration of the franchise rather than a piece to a bigger puzzle that I'm not that interested in (post-OMD 616 comics have nothing of value to me), and I kind of think that 616 is damaged beyond repair.

(My gateways to the franchise were the original Raimi movies and the pre-Miles Morales Ultimate comics, so I will concede that I'm not too strongly attached to 616 as lifelong readers, being that it was never "my" version. So, it was more of "OMD ruined a parallel universe version of my favorite comci book character" -- albeit one that I would've liked to have read without the OMD scars -- instead of "OMD ruined my favorite comic book character." I do like the pre-OMD stuff I've seen that accurately reflects the aforementioned materials, though.)

If Marvel was going to bring the RYV Parkers into 616 in some fashion, I'd rather it go like what DC did for the Kents; have them living their own lives elsewhere in the world, maybe even kill of the OMD 616 versions of Peter and MJ and let the RYV Parkers take over as the main versions of the characters.

Originally Posted by ZariusTwo View Post
As for what I'd like ported over...certainly Norman Osborn back in prominence as being in charge of SHIELD/HAMMER with the Thunderbolts and Dark Avengers in his back pocket. Also, Harry and Liz as a couple again.
It would be interesting to know what Norman Osborn was up to during Regent's reign in RYV (assuming that he appears in the new series, that the new series is in continuity with the original miniseries, and that Osborn cheated death after "The Night Gwen Stacy Died" like he did in 616).

Harry and Liz Allen were a couple? I don't think I've seen that version before. I know that Liz was in love with Peter in the Spectacular Spider-Man, which had Harry interested in Gwen Stacy. In the Raimi movies, Harry had feeling for Mary Jane (who, of course, fell in love with Peter). The Ultimate comics had Harry and Mary Jane dating briefly before the series began, although it's a little unclear what Harry thought when Mary Jane (like in the movies) fell hard for Peter.
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