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Originally Posted by Andrew NDB View Post
They torpedoed "Return to New York" pretty spectacularly, too. People get so stuck on "but they really cut off Shredder's head just like in the comics!!!" (they didn't, btw) that they forget that 100% of the rest of the story is bastardized for toddlers and toys.
Andrew I think you have too much Nostalgia for the Mirage comics.
I read Return to New York and seen the 2k3 episode I actually prefer the 2k3 adaptation over the original Mirage version. As far as City at War I did not enjoy at all that much. When I finally got to read the Mirage City at War I was incredibly disappointed, just a complete let down. I think my expectations was just to high
(bc of you and everyone else on here )

My point is I think you gripe too much about the 2k3 series as a whole. It is a kids show, there is no way they could do a faithful adaptation of the source material given it was aimed at a young audience and the network and others would not allow a more graphic depiction. Insane in the Membrane is proof of that. I think they did a pretty good job given the circumstance.(season (1-4))
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