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Originally Posted by Allio View Post
I plan on getting my own original content, but I need to practice writing. Hence the fanfiction.

I plan
A series of light vs darkness in the style of magical girl

As well a series that would be kamen rider kiva with monster harem
I can't say I'm familiar with any of those references... got any Wikipedia links for me to educate myself with?

Originally Posted by MsMarvelDuckie View Post
Which part? The dark elf and half-dragon twins are in one storyline, the cat-burgler has her own short story, and the knight and song mage are part of a third adventure. Night of the Black Cat is in my siggy link, along with the other two tales- Children of the Golden Flame is the one with the dragon-elves and bard (who also is the main character of a prequel tale- Darksong- warning, it is VERY dark and mature!), and the other pair are in The Sword and the Rod. El Gato Negro is a loose mix of Marvel's Black Cat and Zorro- with a twist. She has a pair of cats she has trained to help her steal. And she receives visions from the cat goddess whom she follows.
All sounds pretty interesting. Devout Catwoman... what are half-dragon elves?
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