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It was a kid's show. The whole show was some kind of comedic and childlike (compared to the source material).

That the show went more comedic and childlike for season 2, and that season 1 was perhaps compared to other kid's properties at the same time not so childish, doesn't mean, it wasn't comedic and childlike at all.

But I think B&R wasn't the worst part of the FW-cartoon. For me they are not the cause of the problems of it. I voted with 4 because their stupidity in latter seasons is (and was) kinda boring for me, but I've always seen a lot of potential in the two characters.

So they had some good moments in the Archie comics, I appreciate today, and loved as a kid (eg. opening panels to #12).

[edit] PS.: I think it's a common misunderstandnig serious would mean more strong and more menacing. I mean, the PD B&R are dangerous, but still silly.
Seriousness comes from characterisation in depth. That you can relate with your own problems to something.

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