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Originally Posted by Chabrendeki View Post
Yeah I think we reached a consensus.

I get your point, and I have tought about too to include Shredder above. Here is why I didn't: is the Shredder so a focal point in the source material? Yes, he is a key antagonist in some of the best issues, but can we say, that there isn't any TMNT possible without the Shredder?
It isn't him specifically (though he needs to be there), it is what he represents to the TMNT. The circle of vengeance that defines them (for a good while, anyway). Nagi beat up Shen, so Yoshi killed Nagi. Saki killed Shen and Yoshi, so Splinter trained the TMNT to kill Saki. TMNT kill Saki so the Foot swear vengeance on them. The cyclical game of blood that they become readily hip to in "City at War." It's one of the most "real" things that's ever been done with the TMNT ever. You lose Shredder, you don't have that.

Originally Posted by FredWolfLeonardo View Post
Whats so comedic and childlike about their season 1 appearances? In that, they don't really crack any jokes, and are portrayed as psychopathic juggernauts who the turtles can't take down via ordinary means.

Its not until season 2 that they start making jokes and become more kid friendly.
Nonsense. Even the first few episodes I can remember them spouting out "funny" stuff and one-liners.
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