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Originally Posted by Ninjinister View Post
I can't even tell the difference between quality on DVD and Blu-Ray unless it's side-by-side and so I don't ever have a preference unless it's something I actually collect like TMNT or The Ring. Hell, before I got glasses I couldn't even see side-by-side differences.
If you've noticed the difference in any way, even if only one, then that should be enough. If you still don't feel it necessary to watch anything in better resolution, then more power to you.
Originally Posted by ProphetofGanja View Post
I agree. Deleted scenes are always welcome as a bonus feature, especially in the case of scenes that were completely finished and polished and were only cut to trim some time. Napoleon Dynamite and the Pirates of the Caribbean series are some examples where the deleted scenes really add to the experience.

DVDS commentary is only as worthwhile as the commentators make it; I've heard great ones and terrible ones.
I also tend to prefer deleted scenes over bloopers, but sometimes I don't bother with deleted scenes if it's something I'm renting. The same can apply to all the other features as well. It all depends on how much I enjoyed the movie. Commentaries tend to be my favorite special feature, but you're not wrong that some of them just aren't that good. Even still, there are movies that lack commentaries that I wonder what they'd probably be like. As a Harry Potter fan, those movies are one of the best examples in my opinion.
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