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Hey everyone. Just saw the new crossover. I enjoyed it. I think my only solid complaint I could make about this crossover is that the stakes weren't that high. In Turtles Forever and Trans-Dimensional Turtles, they were attempting to save the multiverse. In this crossover, only the Nick Turtles universe was in jeapordy.

However, the strength of the story was the interactions between the characters. It was simply fun to see all of the characters meet up. Yes, the 87 Turtles were a bit ineffective at the start of this story. But it seemed okay story-wise to me. In Trans-Dimensional Turtles, they were just fighting the Kraang. In this crossover, they were facing Bebop and Rocksteady who are much stronger physically than Krang. Plus, the emphasis was placed on that their TACTICS they were used to wouldn't work. Card board boxes, water from a fire hydrant, and other silly objects just don't cut it against the actual deadly villains of the Nick TMNT universe. However in this crossover, the Nick TMNT do teach their 80's counterparts to fight more like them. And they do learn and adapt. 87 Leo actually hits a bunch of enemies with his swords and smiles as he realizes he's actually enjoying getting so violent. And also, even though the 87 Turtles aren't portrayed as being the best fighters in this crossover and are labeled as weird, the special does emphasize that to the 87 Turtles, the Nick Turtles are weird. So it's alll good there to me.

As for the rest, Kevin Michael Richardson is... okay as Shredder. James Avery has a unique voice so it's hard to replace him. But he's okay. All of the other returning characters sound great though. And again, the character interactions are the highlight of the crossover. I think the funniest bit is when the 87 Turtles meet April and comment on how she looks like a kid saying she's too young to wear a reporter jumpsuit, followed by Aprl asking why a reporter should wear a jumpsuit. Overall: I think this crossover with the 87 Turtles was my least favorite of the three featuring them, but that does not make it bad at all. The stakes weren't as high, and the special does retread ground already done, but it was a very fun and solid adventure.
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