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Originally Posted by Ninturtle View Post
I agree that the turtles needing to be trained came out no where, but I thought it made sense seeing as their fighting style is unrealistic and goofy and wouldn't work in Nicks universe as well. I found this special to be the funniest of the season, I can see your issues with the episodes but they didn't bother me because the episodes were so well done.
that was the problem though. They set them up as competent in the first show, and KRANG was the goofy one.

Now they kind of made them ALL goofy, and it really pleases no one, except maybe the die hard mirage fans, as it was pointed out above.

It really seemed like a complete 180 from their portrayal on far more even ground in TD turtles. and totally unneeded.

The other thing I didn't see a need for was the vans upgraded weaponry. Totally useless. and Rocksteady destroys the technorome with one misssle launcher, that's far less strong?

sigh. details people.

but, like i said. very small nagging things. i enjoyed most of it from start to finish.
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