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False rumors aren't being spread here and those who are believing half-serious posts deserve to be fooled. And if someone says they heard it on "twitter" or whatever it's most likely BS, the few times it was likely real there was someone with credibility backing it up even if say the first sketch wasn't the real April.

We know the turtles are different species this time around but there isn't a 100% confirmation that they're NOT human. Now, I don't think they're human so to say they aren't 100% human is also spreading false information.

Splinter being a human/rat is also another thing that's up in the air, he does seem to be a mutated Rat but we're not 100% sure and in the interview with Rob he seemed to not understand the question.

The Foot figure does seem like it's a foot figure, too big of a coincidence for him to have a random foot. But he's not named that in the press release and the foot artwork does seem really goofy to be true.

Shredder not being in the new show in the first season is mostly my educated guess but saying he "will definitely be in it" is the same thing.

My point is...I love the new Splinter.
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