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Hmmm.... the turtles being human originally is an interesting topic of speculation though.

Although it does make my bones shudder thinking they would go with this approach because they have already butchered enough of the story in this series in my opinion... I would strangely almost prefer them being originally human to being originally turtles. That being said that is if (and only if) the purpose is to explain them being brothers of blood relation. It would then make way more sense that they are different species of turtles going in that direction.

To me it's more important that they are originally brothers then that they were originally turtles.

As far as Splinter goes... I have slowly been acclimating somewhat to the turtle's new designs, but Splinter... ain't gonna happen. Someone had it right when they said he looks like a Ren and Stimpy character.

Thank you to evan2000 for the AWESOME gif! <3
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