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Originally Posted by CyberCubed View Post
What. I don't how the Turtles can be considered annoying.
I wonder what people behind this "thinkpiece" would have thought of Mike from 2k12?

Never ever Turtles from 87 felt as annoying to me. Guess, I have better tolerance for silly humor, than some of local jaded veterans.

Also, the fact that those people consider Transformers G1 timeless, when it's guilty of the same stuff as Turtles, is hilarious. I was trying to watch G1 decade ago and was able to slog only through the first few episodes.

Originally Posted by ZariusTwo View Post
There can be ways to enjoy it as an adult, either if you have kids yourselves and want to give them a starter before moving up to the edgier material, or, like me, watching classic episodes and "rewriting them" as fanfic adaptations.
Or just appreciating silly cartoon for what it is.
But since you are all grown up and serious this is absolutely forbidden!!

Originally Posted by CylonsKlingonsDaleksOhMy View Post
Stay classy, Shark Blade.
Harmless comparison has triggered you?

Originally Posted by MikeandRaph87 View Post
As an adult I see the humor is nearly perfect for my sense of humor. I love puns and sarcasm and that is the basis of the humor in the the 1987 cartoon. I believe my taste in humor was formed thanks to this cartoon peppered with Full House. The 2012 cartoon had darker moments (like Splinter's murder and death of three villains) yet its goofy humor was not my thing. Butt canons on Kraang robots among other things? Its gross humor or stupid funny. Neither humor amuses me as it does not follow the humor type that the 1987 cartoon had and shaped my preferences.
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