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Originally Posted by Sumac View Post
Never ever Turtles from TMNT'87 felt as annoying to me. Guess, I have better tolerance for silly humor, than some of local jaded veterans.
Originally Posted by CyberCubed
I think because its missing the point. The original TMNT cartoon was never trying to be a serious cartoon. It was a parody/satire of action cartoons from the start. The show made fun of itself all the time, we're not supposed to wonder why the villains are incompetent.
Thank you! I totally agree with you on that one! Sure TMNT'87 is cheesy at times, but in my opinion it's not as cheesy as the original '80s Transformers or He-Man! The dialog in TMNT'87 was bit goofy at times, but like the 'Adam West' Batman, it's more of a joke or parody. In other words, it's not to be taken too seriously. I guess it really boils down to, "to each their own" kinda thing, because to be perfectly honest, I can EASILY get thru multiple episodes of TMNT'87; not so much for the '80s TF's or He-Man!
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