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Originally Posted by FlawedCoil82 View Post

Do you know when this will be updated? I use this thread to determine in what order I need to read the main book, TMNT Universe and any mini-series. I haven't read anything past TMNT Ghostbusters 2 #5 until this updates.
Sorry, updated as accurately as possible.

From The Heart For The Herd is all a flashback to mostly right before the past scenes in Utrom Empire. However, narratively, I think it leads into the Invasion arc quite nicely. An argument could be made for reading it before Trial of Krang somewhere, as an introduction to Zom. But I think that spoils the reveal that they’re headed for Earth.

Not even going to bother placing Tricera-tots. They just tie in with the main story of 16 and 17.

Just read the preview for 78. There’s been a time jump, so that allows Universe 18 to be read beforehand without messing up the flow.
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