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Originally Posted by ToTheNines View Post
Ha, nice. The final straw with the TMNT wiki was not being allowed to fix the Shredder Clones page, they insist on calling them the Shredder Elite based on a goof Dan Berger made over a decade ago.
Originally Posted by myconius View Post
WOW! there's a HUGE difference between Shredder Elite versus the Shredder Clones!! what a bunch of clowns!

Way to be adults, guys.

There was no evidence that they were clones of Shredder, for one; in fact, Saki specifically said that they were other subjects used to test the waters.

And second, I'm still trying to figure out how you assume Berger made a mistake. Did you write to him and confirm? The reason I went with "Shredder Elite" is because it's the only canon name given to them for the Mirage version (between the official site and later, the Heroclix descriptions).

I don't understand how the heck you can be so salty and hold a grudge over something like this.

Official word will always trump everything else.
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