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Originally Posted by CylonsKlingonsDaleksOhMy View Post
I would assume a lot of it is just not knowing that the mini-series and micro-series existed.

Also Marvel/DC fatigue, where it is (rightly) assumed that all of the crossovers, mini-series, and one-shots are all forgettable and cheap cash grabs.
at the time when the IDW Micro-series were first coming out, i had no idea and the LCS i was shopping at then was pretty oblivious to them as well.
eventually i just told them-
"add ANYTHING and EVERYTHING Ninja Turtles that happens to come out!!"
this is how Tmnt: Amazing Adventures was added to my pull-list
(but oddly they failed to get me the Shredder micro-series!!! )

but i definitely agree about Marvel/DC fatigue.
it's bad enough when the cross-overs and one-shots are just crappy cash-grabs,
but when their main titles begin to stink as well then it really gets frustrating!!
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