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Originally Posted by TurtleWA View Post
Yeah not realizing things are getting released and need preorder/added to pull lists.
As well as maybe having a strict budget and amount of books to buy every month of regular various ongoing series to follow. Say 12 books every month. If all 12 decided to add additional books thats 24 more.
Some folks have to draw the line and stick with the 12 no matter what. And then catch up in the collected editions as extra funds and time allow.
that's a great thing about this forum, i've been clued in on so many new series/hardcovers/etc....

that's funny about the 12 title limit...
i myself used to have a 3 or 4 comic limit, broke that rule after the new 52 started and was getting 30+ titles for a few months till i just couldn't stand it anymore.
my list just dropped and dropped till i decided to give up on the big two.
now i'm happily back around to my 3 or 4 comic limit.
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