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Originally Posted by CylonsKlingonsDaleksOhMy View Post
Not Flash or Green Lantern?
Well, isn't Flash in active production but still mired with the same problems its had since the beginnings? (revolving door of directors, etc.) Putting a "rush" on Flash (get it?) would probably make things even more difficult to keep a director on it, I'd imagine.

This Shazam! thing smells of Geoff Johns to me. He's always had a soft place for Captain Marvel at DC and with all of his many interviews in the last few months all saying the same mantra about, "The thing that's so great about DC characters is how much they're full of hope and fun, blah blah," I bet he's convinced the right people that Shazam! can be the champion of that movement in the DCCU. Because they've already screwed up Superman, in their eyes.

It's so weird how afraid they are of touching Superman. Even before Man of Steel, even before Superman Returns... just years and years of them... talking about it. Thinking things, overthinking things. He's like the easiest DC character to get "right."
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