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Originally Posted by dcat View Post
I was even hoping to use Tortuglio's Human Bebop Custom Sprites for his Retromutated animations.
Cool! Glad i can contribute, in some way, with your work, dcat. Glad to see you around again with this stuff.

Maybe you already have them, but i'm leaving the sheets here for quick grabbing (with some notes that i don't remember writing ). Also, remember there's a "from-human-to-mutant" sheet, if it's any good to you.

Originally Posted by Tortuglio View Post
The complete sprite sheet for Human Bebop (with the clash sprite added), an extra custom sprites sheet and a color swap sheet (with color palettes).

A few notes:
1-In the first sheet, there's a variation for the fase for the animation when Bebop is hit and leans back.
2-The extras sheet is pretty much explained there.
3-In the color swaps sheet, in the left side of the color palettes you have Bebop's original colors, and in the right side, the color swaps. As you noticed, there aren't the same amount of colors on both sides. When there aren't any replacementes color, it's that the color swap uses the same color than the original. I hope you can understand it. Last, there's a color palette far on the left side, i have no idea what was that for, i don't remember but i left it there, just in case.

That is all. Maybe i'll finish the Human Bebop for TMNT 3 for the NES, but i don't see myself doing the Arcade Human Rocksteady anytime soon. Don't wanna give false expectations. I just have other projects lying around that i would like to take care of. FYI, i'm the "movie business"... wich in Argentina is not a business, so i work as an editor for whatever it comes, or camera man.

Anyways, hope you like them, and thank you very much for your comments, it gave me the final energy to end this bebop stuff. See ya!
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