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Hey guys, been a while since I've posted progress with Bebop.
I've been hard at work spriting a few more normal attacks

Standing Elbow Stomp -- this will serve as Bebop's Standing Medium Punch

New Crouching Heavy Punch Anim
-- Bebop's Ground Bounce launcher with clumsier footing. The Ground Bounce effect works like a dream in game

Sprited New Jumping frames for Bebop as well.

Air Light Kick -- standard Blunt Knee Attack

New Air Punch Anim
-- I might edit this one and have Bebop use his knife here to give the character some slash effects for more hit variety

New Air Tazer Punch -- Bebop could fire off a blast as he hits the enemy with his blaster, maybe knock them back into the wall for more juggling once he lands, I dunno yet.

I'm getting close to having enough done for a short preview video, I'm gonna keep grinding away at him until he's up to my standards.

Also just so everyone's aware I keep seeing requests asking about my custom MUGEN character sprites on other forums, just to let everyone who's interested know; they are ALL Open source, free to use them for your own TMNT projects. Credit my original work if you like, but go ahead and feel free to include them in your other TMNT mods or whatever, spread the word.

If anyone here has any audio clips of Bebop from the original 80's cartoon It'd be greatly appreciated I barely have one or 2 sounds for him so far. Or if you know of a Voice Over artist who has a similar sounding character let me know so I can check it out. I've used this method previously with including clips of DBZ's Garlic Jr. in my Krang character and of Sonic the Hedgehog in Leonardo.
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