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Originally Posted by ToTheNines View Post
Just a couple of random criticisms:

Maximus Kong should have been a presence from the beginning. They weren't really trying to conceal his identity with his Dark Leo design (even the kiddies probably added up the plastron and blue skin), but they still should have built him up as a threat. Would have made the boss fight less rushed.

Meera or whatever should have been some kind of legacy character. Leo and/or Karai's daughter? Don and April's? A mutated Shadow Jones? Or even a human Shadow, showing that there's still hope for humanity. That would have given it kind of a Children of Men feel. But it was hard to care about this random meerkat.
I honestly was expecting her to turn out to be a mutated April, or the daughter of a mutated April and Casey.

Maybe Mira is an obscure reference to Mezcaal (non Archie reader)?

Calmly awaiting the next issue of the comics.
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