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Do you think part of the disappointment for it was that - as a finale - we were expecting something big for the fans to be shocked/fascinated by, but most of the unexpected stuff was spoiled in the trailer? Robodon for example, alongside the deaths of the humans.
Coupling that with an expectation that there would be more of a drama focus because it was a finale and thereby we were expecting something more... heartfelt I guess?

I mean the dark Leo thing was a step in that direction, but because he (Maximus) wasn't even mentioned until episode 3, there wasn't much of an emotional impact. There wasn't time for any drama there, it was too focused on action and the urgency of the moment.

Look at the speculation over what turned out to be Mikey for example. Had that been Don/Aprils kid as surmised, would that not have opened up a lot more opportunity for drama and an emotional focus?

Instead we didn't really get any major revelation like that, that wasn't already spoiled in the trailer. As a result, the arc was fun, but didnt really carry much emotional weight to it - making it feel less like a finale.

Compare that to the emotional strength of the rooftop fight against Super Shredder and the build up to it. Admittedly, that had the rest of the series as background weight, but that could and should have been true of Apocalypse too.
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