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Originally Posted by Bobby Curnow View Post
Broadly speaking, we just look to see who would best serve the story we're trying to tell. Specifically, you'd have to ask Tom. I didn't remember them from the cartoon at all!

You'll be seeing more Dimension X in the future, though not for a while.
Thank you for the reply. You answered my follow up about the unpublished Forever War. I wondered if after all the series was reprinted and whatever rights have to be secured it would finally see print. I have been eaiting since 3rd grade for this.

I was hoping to see a glimpse of it while checking in on your namesake island.

Your active involvement in the story has me ask, the next time a oneshot within a micro-series is up, what about an issue written by you? I would like to to see what you would do directly as a writer.
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