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Originally Posted by Bobby Curnow View Post
Not really. Most of my contributions are big picture plot things, of which I am proud, but there aren't many small moments or panels. I think i've contributed less than 1% of the dialogue of the series, that's all Tom.

Oh! Herman the Hermit Crab. While his personality came from Tom, the idea of having a crab mutant that uses a dumpster for a shell was my idea. So I get a kick every time I see him. Also, objectively, I think Mateus did an astounding job on his design. The face, the dumpster arsenal, the helmet-- all fantastic and purely Mateus' inspiration.

Haven't thought about a Christmas issue, but maybe! Don't know that it would line up with the seasonal timeline of the series, though we always play pretty fast and loose with that.
Aha!! Herman is so cool!! So thank you for him.

I just love TMNT and Christmas. Variants are my favorite gifts. <3

Thank you for being a champ and answering all these.
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