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Originally Posted by Candy Kappa View Post
Looks like a lot of fun.
If it's anything like the shorts and the special so far, it will be. And it's the same creative team, so!

I mean, even if it's all stemming from a cutesy cosplay-friendly mash-up design, it is a fairly clever concept (she's a comics fan originally from "our" world, giving her a fun perspective and reason for the Deadpool-esque fourth-wall breakage) that's aimed at a market that a lot of comics still don't do much for, so that's all good in my books.

I do worry that they're going to overdo the attempts to monetize every variant cover that gets a reaction online and kill their natural appeal, though. But, y'know... it's not like comics has a history of running natural trends into the ground for an immediate cash-in. And I'd rather see this than a 14th Avengers title at this point.

Not really sure where the anger about this is coming from, personally.

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