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Originally Posted by Andrew NDB View Post
What Gotham could have been:

A) A prequel with a younger Gordon and the GCPD doing procedural type stuff around Gotham, dealing with increasingly crazed criminals. There could be a smattering of Batman villains where it would be understandable, like Cobblepot, sure, but mostly a lot of the warring mafias. Wayne Enterprises, Lucius Fox, etc. could figure into things in varying but limited degrees, but keeping things focused on Gordon. His coming up in the ranks, against insurmountable gangsters and police corruption. Him earning his rep, sort of Untouchables-style. This wouldn't be about Batman's rogue's galleries before there was even a Batman.

B) An older Gordon/GCPD show taking place in the present WITH Batman already operating. Basically, Gotham has already gone to hell in a handbasket, so the show is kind of "day in the life" of Gordon dealing with both regular criminals and some of Batman's rogue's gallery. Batman could cameo at times, or only ever be in the shadows... or not show up at all. This would be a street level counterpoint to the larger-than-life stuff that Batman is actively doing out there and/or a show dealing with the fallout of that.

C) Young Bruce: The Show, basically. Series premiere, we watch his parents get murdered. Now the aftermath. Let's follow him around the world, watching him blow all of his money training under the best masters, falling hard at times, succeeding at others, but always learning. Every season could be a different country, a different lesson or set of lessons. "Kung-Fu" style, almost. Cast an actor around 13, so every season he noticeably grows up as we're watching. Series finale: putting on the costume in the Batcave.

Any three of those options I could have gotten behind 200% and could have been great. I don't even think the budget would be drastically different in any of them. But alas... Smallville 2.0 was what they wanted.

How about A and C combined? It actually works pretty well as an elseworlds version. I love the takes on many of the characters- Bullock, for example, is spot on. Jerome is what I've always wanted to see in a LA Joker, and Penguin.... I LOVE this guy!! Even Nygma is almost perfect. Only ones I kind of don't care about are Ivy, Barbara, and Crane. Gordon is decent but not my favorite, and Bruce is sort of losing my interest, actually. But everyone else is great. This show has sort of become more about the origins of the villains than Batman's.
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