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Originally Posted by Jester View Post
Indeed, any customer service job is a little hell. I try to be extra nice to cashiers when I go to a store, because I've been there.
same here. In that same vein I get annoyed when I am at a store with a friend and the friend starts acting rude with workers. I can't have that since I've been there. And some people don't get it unless they have worked a customer service job. It is a discipline in self control. Some customers really get a power trip out of being condesending to retail workers. I was disgusted when a woman went though a fellow coworkers line, handed her an empty bottle of water and asked her to throw it away for her when there was a waste basket right next to the register in easy reach. The cashier pointed this out to the woman and she asked in the bitchiest tone "why can't you just do it?" So the cashier actually threw out a water bottle this customer could have easily thrown out herself.

Another thing that gets to me is when the store has certain policies and rules that will get you in trouble if you don't follow them but when you try to enforce them with a customer the manger gives in to make them happy because they made a stink about it and suddenly you look like the asshole for following a rule/policy you were told to follow. Even worse when the customer, after fighting with them gets all smug and and starts talking about you right infront your face. Like you were just saying no to what they wanted because you wanted to **** with them.
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