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Originally Posted by Jester View Post
Ohhhh yeah. With the money issues I've debated taking a second job as my primary job is 3 days a week 12 a day and I have 4 days to play with, but I'd never EVER return to that store. I'd rather struggle a little.
Pansies!! You're all a bunch of goddam pansies!

Seriously tho....don't do it. As someone who works 120hrs bi-weekly I will tell you its not worth it if you can squeak by with normal work hours. It makes life utterly un-enjoyable. As soon as I get some bills paid off I'm hoping to go back to normal hours in my "extreme customer service" job.

Originally Posted by Benvenuto
Don't you mean 'asshole classic'?
Originally Posted by Kiwamu The Kappa View Post
Voting: pick which lies you think sounds best.
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