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Your least favourite genres/sub-genres of music?

Pretty much every genre or sub-genre of music has something I like if I look hard enough, but there's types of music that I generally just don't like or cant' get into.

Reggae: I just can't get into reggae. Of the bigger genres of music this is my least favourite one. I can't put my finger on it, but it just turns me off.

Hardcore music in general: You know, the type of music with screaming vocals? That's something people wrongly associate with metal music, but the screaming vocals you're thinking of are actually hardcore bands or metal bands that core varieties in their sound. I like the growling vocals of death metal and can tolerate black metal vocals, but hardcore? No.

A lot of "club music": Like EDM, techno and such. The closest thing I like to club music would be retro-themed synthwave or vaporwave. Otherwise it's rare to find something I like.

For reference, my favourite genres are metal, classical, jazz, synthwave, vaporwave, j-pop and k-pop. Ofc I also like a lot of rock and pop music but those are such broad categories that it'd be hard not to like a lot of stuff in them.
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