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Originally Posted by ChosenOne View Post
I'm very intrigued about Ch'rell's role going forward. We were told he was pretty much ax-crazy, and then when he comes out of stasis we get a far more stable individual than even Krang was. Sure, he's a formidable warrior and seems like a competent leader for the Burnow Island aliens, but he's (so far) definitely not as psychotic as I expected.
I personally have chalked it up to him having way more things to worry about than to do the "extreme displeasure" Ma'riell had been worried about. Raging about what happened to Krang wasn't an option, and I think everything with the EPF just kinda cancelled that out.

He had bigger fish to fry than Krang's trial. And by "fish" we mean "tanks about to break down his people's last stronghold".
(Though, we did get a little bit of a look at the crazy when he was on the battlefield.)
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