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Originally Posted by Candy Kappa View Post
It only made news due to being "non-ethnic" students making a fuss.

Throwing chairs, book or bottles. Punching (pedophile) teachers, fistfights where glasses or arms gets broken. That was fairly common in schools in my county, bullying so rampant there's been lawsuits later due to lives being ruined and teachers did nothing.

And my own grade school was so notorious, when I spoke with a teacher my age last year, he knew my school really well just by reputation. No use reporting being bullied, cause teachers was among the bullies or a teacher was touching you inappropriately while studying? Just hang in there, he's not your teacher when you enter next grade.
Originally Posted by Voltron View Post
What kind of apocalyptic hell-scape do you live in where everyone is getting groped and beaten in study hall?
I am curious as well and I thought American schools were bad
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