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Originally Posted by -Savannah-
-Here I go...-

Name: Cassidy
Nicknames: Cass
Eyes: light blue
Hair: long & chestnut-colored
Physical Appearance: tall, lean, slightly tan, hair in a high ponytail, long legs, muscular
Clothing: white blouse, old jeans ripped at the knees, tennis shoes
Personality: sassy, out-spoken, fallen, rough around the edges, smart, tomboy, country girl
General info: homeless, lost parents in a fire, used to ride horses, 2nd degree black belt in Taekwondo, fends for herself, originally from Kansas

-*phew*! Surprised I could write that all out!-
You forgot the fact that she can seem to throw fireballs and is athletic and can fight as if she's been trained for years... So much detail you could have added to this, my dear.
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