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Ok, I've got a few, but here's sort of my main character:

Name: Unknown (known only as "Grim" by mortals)
Gender: Male
Race: Angel
Age: Eternal
Aparent Age: Mid-twenties
Height: Unknown (tall)
Weight: Unknown (thin)
Eyes: White (no visible pupils)
Hair: White, past shoulder-length
Allignment: Neutral
Physical appearance: Ghostly pale complexion; dark, sunken eyes; long, white hair; heavy, black trenchcoat with many straps and buckles on the arms and down the front, with a high collar that wraps around his neck and clasps in the front, covering the lower portion of his face; heavy black boots with metal clasps, heel, and toe; skeletal left hand which he uses to remove the souls of the deceased (or living, if he so chooses)
Weapon(s) of choice: Spirit Scythe
Known powers/abilities: flight/levitation, Shadow Form (allows him to meld into shadows and become a shadow himself. Also allows him to travel through Kali's Shadow Portals, though he cannot create them), teleportation of himself and others to Heaven, Hell, and Limbo (purgatory), the ability to look into the mind of an unconscious being to see and even alter dreams and memories, the ability to summon and control Hellfire

The one known only as "Grim" is of an ancient race of Death Angels known as Reapers. It is their job to retrieve the souls of the deceased and release them into the afterlife. His skeletal left hand of Death can extinguish a life with a single touch, causing all bodily functions to cease. Though he rarely caries is Scythe with him, it can be summoned from the Netherworld at will by the Reaper.

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