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Name: Kawanaha
Nicknames: Ana
Gender: Female
Heigth: 4'11
Weight: 120 [w/ shell]
Species: Hawksbill sea turtle
Age: 16
Hair: Long, chestnut colored w/ blonde highlights, tied around the middle
Eye color: Teal blue
Attitue/Personality: Secretive, alone, athletic, anti-social, non-innocent , slightly tough, pure
Jewelry: Shark tooth necklace, shark tooth ankle bracelet
Clothing: See-through red skirt w/ cut sides, purple flower tied to the side
Weapon: Her fists
Birthplace: Costa Rica
Favorite activity: Adventuring
Hobbies: Butt-kickin', swimming, keeping out of site of humans
Friends: None
Allies: Non-mutated sea turtles, dolphins, etc.
Enemies: Wacky scientists, humans, sharks, boats
Siblings: None. Only one that survived mutation
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