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While I would love to see something turtle related set in the Mirage universe, I'd really rather prefer it not be another origin story. At least not at the outset.

That issue has been reprinted so many times, and every comic movie starts with an origin story of some sort.

I'd be far more interested in something that started at another time point, and then reflected back on the origin.

For instance, start with The Foot's attack on April's building.
We get good character stuff from all the guys, Splinter, and April. It's Casey's first appearance to the rest of the main cast. We'd get to see the Foot actually be competent, and Shredder be menacing. Good action, and a decent sting as they drive to NoHo.

Then that whole first season is the rebuilding, and then we can revisit the origin story. Maybe Casey learns it from April....I dunno.
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