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Originally Posted by arkangel View Post
I'm a complete anime / manga noob. My last roomate laughed hard when I picked up his copy of Claymore and attempted to read it from the front cover.
His anime advice for me was to start off with Ghost in a Shell and Akira so I'm guessing these are two of the better known ones in the western world?

I'm not much for franchises that resemble robotech, zelda, pokeman, sailor moon. Excuse my ignorance, but did I just eliminate everything or is there a lot more manga/anime that someone could recommend ?
My 1st suggestion is to check out the Studio Ghibli movies. They are sort of kid/family focused but easily enjoyable for adults. If you ever wondered just how emotional and depressing anime can be, watch Grave of the Fireflies.

One thing I want to say about the Akira movie. It's not bad, just a bit messy as it was created and released while the manga was only half way through, yet at the height of it's popularity. At the very least Akira is worth watching as a visual and audible treat. It's a proper testament of hand drawn animation quality.

If you watch the movie, read the manga of Akira. Far more detailed and much more story and plot than could ever fit into 90-120 minutes of film.
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