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That bittersweet feeling when you know someone who was more of an obstruction than anything is no longer mucking things up... but then you realize that their leaving means picking up the slack until someone else gets inserted into that spot.

I'm doing like three people's jobs right now because we're short-staffed. I'm running the sales desk across three gyms on a rotating basis, training clients in between, and coaching clients who are on our nutrition and weight loss program, while trying to enroll others in said program through various group seminars and one-on-one interviews. Plus occasionally doing promotional work at a local event where we can get bunch of fliers for the gym out all at once. And sometimes a match here or there if I feel like it.

I work 7 days a week and it just ain't enough to get it all done. I manage by juggling things until a couple of those work days are only about 5 hours long, but the rest are BRUTAL. But I kinda don't want them to hire a new desk person, because I'm finally making more money than I've been for a while and I'd rather be exhausted and paid than well-rested and poor.

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