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When will these guys be able to be given the same kind of respect that other hero characters get... Makes me sad for them that they don't.

Being as how I work for a card company now and have started this job while the graduation and Father's Day cards are stocked (plus certain birthday cards), I've seen a bunch of really awesome Batman, Superman, Captain America, and even one Hulk, themed cards. Cool ones for adults.

What, the Turtles can't get that kind of respect because they aren't human? They're human enough. >.> They can do serious.

A couple examples of those I've seen in person, there are a number of others for adults and even more I've seen online while just now looking for those I've seen in person.

Captain America seems to be common right now (this one is for Father's Day but I've seen Grad cards too), and okay there's a recent film so I guess it's with good reason, but still.

The Batman one is a birthday card I really like. (Just simply says "Do it justice" on the inside.) The Turtles could very easily (and we all know they very well have) pull off a cool, dignified silhouette image and other awesome artwork...

Give me a card kinda like that Batman one (maybe less distance) but make it Leo up there looking all regal looking out over the city...I'd end up framing it. Dammit I want this for my boy and his bros.

We seriously need some good TMNT minded artists who can do that sort of thing among the designers for these card companies! I wish some of those with the talent and skills would consider that avenue for their artwork as well. Cards might be expensive but I'd end up with a whole new thing to collect. lol
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