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Originally Posted by Chris View Post

I’d be happy with Zendaya. Honestly, I was hoping they’d go with an unknown and find another Sierra Boggess like they did for Broadway (god, her voice was amazing). At least Zendaya can sing, that’s a step up from Emma Watson in Beauty and the Beast. Yes, she did ok, but they should have got an unknown who could really sing for the role. They need to learn these film’s are bigger than the stars, they don’t need big names to sell them. Aladdin looks like they learned that, yeah they cast Will Smith but everyone else are pretty much unknowns or at least not big names.
Disney originally courted Emma Watson to play Cinderella, but she turned the role down. Lily James, who ended up getting the part, wasn't really well-known in the world of cinema at all. At the time, she was best known for her role as Lady Rose in the TV show Downton Abbey. After Cinderella, she went on to star in the critically and commercially successful films, Baby Driver, Darkest Hour and Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again.

Naomi Scott, who's going to be Jasmine in Aladdin, wasn't a big name either. Even though Power Rangers wasn't a big success, it was still playing in theaters around the time she auditioned the part. Liu Yifei, who will be playing the titular character in Mulan, is more well-known in her home country of China than she is in North America and the U.K.
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