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Originally Posted by Sage Ninja View Post
the designs from the WB version supposed to be CGI or 2D animation?
Oh, 2-D of course. They were clearly going in the same animation direction as we wound up with 2k3. If they meant it as the 3-D CGI series they planned, they would have had at least some wire frames or unrendered mock ups.

That said:

I don't see why everyone's reaction so badly. Sure the designs are sub-par, but at least we got the 2k3 designs in the end, didn't we?
I dunno about you, but the human designs smack of post 1999 DIC entertainment animation to me. I really hate how their stuff looks now. Gadget and the Gadgetinis? I really really hated that look for Penny.
2K3 seems to be sort of the whole Jackie Chan Adventures blocky superheor action look before everyone in the world started copying it religiously. but something about it really had a more 80's action style to it. At least with the women folk.

But I have to say, I do like the designs for the Turtles themselves. unfortunately, I just can't see them as anything but goofy with that look. I really can't picture them looking that way during a more somber, serious moment. Maybe if they were just a tiny bit closer to the original designs. Just... something in the smile throws me off.
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