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Thanks guys, I'm really glad you like them. As part of my ongoing pursuit for "reasonable accuracy", I'm also going to re-sculpt the hands and feet, as well as the plastron, which may be cast in a very soft pre-tinted resin plastic. I feel like the plastron pieces on these toys, make the turtles look a bit rounded in the mid section. They're also slightly wider than they should be. The very last thing I will do with these, is re-do their weapons, to match the screen used props, as well as whole new belts to properly store them in.
On Donny, his Bo holster is in the wrong position. It should be sitting on the back end of the shoulder strap at an angle.
Same with Raph's sai holsters. They need to be curved a bit so they steer clear from his upper thighs.

I can't give specifics on when what will be done, considering this is a side hobby I'm playing with in between my actual job, but I'm gunning for one new head sculpt per month. Raph is nearly complete now. My next piece will be Leonardo, then Mikey, etc.
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