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I went ahead and imported Monster Hunter Raph, 80's Leo, and 80's Bebop from Amazon UK because I have not been seeing them around me.

The UK versions are identical to the US versions, except for the US barcode has been struck thru with marker and a white Flair branded sticker with UK barcode has been put over the top of the entire bottom side of the bubble insert card. I peeled the sticker up fairly easily but when it got to the barcode and I saw the marker I stopped because it was starting to pull up some of the marker ink.

Amazon UK didn't ship them very well so the cards were in pretty poor shape, but I expected and was OK with that since I was opening them.

I still hope to someday find them in the US, so I can get mint-in-package versions to keep with my carded set (I have a set loose and a set carded). But I am not overly optimistic at this point that they will turn up in my neck of the woods.

In case anyone is curious, they cost me $14 and change per figure to import, including shipping. I did order multiples of each, got 4 Leos for potentially customizing all 4 undercover turtles. This was worth it to me as opposed to continuing to drive all over the place after turning up nothing for months now.
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