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Originally Posted by Utrommaniac View Post
(I'm quite looking forward to that Han Solo movie, myself...)
To be fair, the reason I'm keeping my expectations in check is not what the film is, but what happened behind the scenes. When another director, even a good one, has to come in to reshoot/retool someone else's film, it hardly ever works. Although, I've not heard of an instance where an entire film was 80% reshot, so maybe it'll make for a better experience than Justice League.

But, also, the idea of spinoffs are kinda boring to me. The reason it works for Marvel is because the franchise is a series of standalone films that build up to a team-up film. It also works because the majority of the characters are bigger than the team-up. They could still make good, standalone films without references, cameos, and connections to other characters. I honestly can't say that about most of the sideline characters from TMNT.

This kinda thing isn't what we need right now. It's been 27 years since the last definitively good TMNT film was made and 10 years since the last just-okay one was made. We need a hands-down good TMNT film first and then we can talk spinoffs and Battle Nexus films.

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