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Originally Posted by Krang's Uncle View Post
Records are good and all, but the great players are remembered by championships.
So Marino is not one of the greatest QBs ever? IMO thats insane becuase one player does not win championships. It takes a team. So I guess by that logic Bill Cartwright is one of the greatest basketball players of all time becuase he was on the Bulls team that won 3 consecutive championships in 91, 92, and 93? Or Will purdue who won 3 with the Bulls as well and then another won with the Spurs. I mean, thats 4 Championship rings; he must be one of the greatest ever. There are tons more of these types of examples.

Championships are teriffic, don't get me wrong. Their what every player strives for and every fan hopes for. That said, they are not the end all be all.
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