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The Technodrome Chat! - Improved!

You probably all know about the unofficial IRC channel where some of the forum regulars hang out and talk. Now, I know what most of you are thinking - this IRC stuff is so confusing, I have no idea of IRC networks, I don't want to install an IRC client and so on. But, there is a soltion

And so, I give you The Web-Based IRC client! It will connect you and let you chat in #TheTechnodrome IRC channel directly from your browser and without the need of installing or doing anything. Yes, I know it's too good to be true, but it is Just click the link.

The only thing required for it to run is Java, but most systems have it installed anyway nowadays, so I doubt any of you will have problems.

When you join, your nickname will be NinjaTurtle with some random number. It will be a good idea to change your nickname, so others know who they're talking to. You can use the /nick your_nickname command or the Change nick field in the bottom right corner of the IRC client.

And finally, remember that the IRC channel is in no way associated with The Technodrome forum administration. In case of problems or questions, please, contact the IRC channel operator(s).

Have fun with it!
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