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Earlier today the list of voice-actors was updated. Toran and Smith will not be voicing Arnold and Gerald, but they will be voicing new characters.

Lane Toran, who originally played Arnold in the series, and Jamil Smith, who was the voice of Gerald, also will return, but in different roles. Mason Vale Cotton and Benjamin “L’il P-Nut” Flores, Jr. will assume the roles of Arnold and Gerald, respectively. Other new actors taking on roles from the series are Gavin Lewis as Eugene; Jet Jurgensmeyer as Stinky; Aiden Lewandowski as Sid; Laya Hayes as Nadine; Nicolas Cantu as Curly; Wally Wingert as Oskar; and Stephen Stanton as Pigeon Man. Alfred Molina will lend his voice to the villain Lasombra, who is a notorious river pirate scheming from a secret compound in the jungles of San Lorenzo.
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