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30th Anniversary of the Eastern European Revolutions of 1989

The second half of this year marks the 30th Anniversary of the Eastern European Revolutions of 1989. This occured around the time when the Fred Wolf TMNT Cartoon season 3 aired, the Archie TMNT Adventure switched from adapting Fred Wolf Cartoon episodes to developing own stories. George H. W. Bush was the President of the USA.

International music hits this year

Bangles – Eternal Flame

Dolly Parton - Why'd You Come in Here Looking Like That?

Madonna – Like a Prayer

Roxette - Listen to Your Heart, The Look

Since then, some countries in Eastern Europe have become well-integrated democracies, while others instead have sunken into extreme nationalism.

Because of continuity and timeline errors, I've given up writing fanfiction based on the 1987-1996 animated television series. Instead, I'm trying to reboot the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles story, something many other fanfiction writers already do:

Hopefully, stories will later appear at

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